Product Photography

Placing an Order

Download the Order Form Here:

Step 1:

Place an order

Determine a Shotlist

Before you place an order, you need to know how many photos you want. 

Map out how many products you have, how many shots you want of each product, and if you want any upgrades.

Download the Order Form

Download and fill out the PDF form below to place an order.

Using your shot list and all of our guides, fill out the order form. If you have any questions, give us a call.

Upload Your Order 

After you fill out your order, you can upload it here or by sending us an email.



Step 2:

Email shot directions

Send Us Your Match Images

Reply to the order confirmation email with your match images. Put your match images into the provided document and send it back to us.

There Are 2 Ways To Send Us Match Images

Take them with a cell phone

Put your product on a table or floor and take photos of your product with the angle you have in mind. We will use those angles as guidelines, light your product correctly, and retouch it.

Find similar images online

Maybe you've seen a product and you liked how it was photographed. Included the link or take a screen shot of it and include that in your reply. 

Step 3:

Ship us your product

After you have placed an order and sent us your match images, send us your product(s) in the mail. We do not pay for inbound shipping, but you may qualify for free return shipping.

When we receive your product(s), we will send you a notification and get to work.

Send Your Products To:

Pablo Creative

1201 E Yelm Ave Ste 400 PMB 395

Yelm, WA 98597

Located within a 20-mile radius of Yelm, Wa? Ask how you can save on shipping costs.

Step 4:

We photograph and edit your products

We do what we do best. Make your products look amazing.

Turnaround Time

Standard: 7 business days from receiving your product is our goal. 

Standard: 3 business days from receiving your product. $10 per photo

Standard: 24 hour turnaround from receiving your product. This is accepted on a case by case basis. $25 per photo.

Step 5:

Review and approve your images

When we finish, you will be sent a link to download your images. 

Want Something Re-shot?

  • If you provided us with very clear shot direction and we did not meet those requirements, we will re-shoot your products for free.

  • If there are any minor re-touches in photoshop you would like, we got you covered.

  • If you want something different than what you specified in your shot directions, then costs will incur.

Step 6:

We return your products

If you want your products back, here are your options after you approve your photos. 

Return Options

  1. We keep your product(s).

  2. You include a return shipping label when you send us your product(s).

  3. We send a separate invoice to you after we return ship your product(s).

  4. For orders over $100 and less than $400 dollars, we will cover up to $15 in shipping fees.

  5. For orders over $400, we will cover up to 5% of final sale before tax in shipping fees. 

  6. We pickup/drop off your product(s) within a 20-mile radius of our shipping address.

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