Real Estate: Virtual Tour vs. Video & Which One To Choose

When you’re viewing a home on Zillow and click on the “ See More Facts and Features” button, you may notice an option to “View Virtual Tour.”   You’ll either end up watching a video or exploring a virtual tour. Sometimes when I'm booking a real estate shoot, there ends up being a little confusion with the difference between a virtual tour and a video. In this confusion there are usually three things that happen: one, the person requests a virtual tour but is expecting a video; two, the person requests a video and doesn’t know what a virtual tour is; or three, the person is wondering which one is the best. Today, I cover the difference between the two and which one you should choose. 

What is a Virtual Tour?

A virtual tour with Pablo Creative is a combination of 360 degree still images created so the audience can manually explore a space without being physically present. We offer the ability for viewers to not only walk through the interior of a home, but also the exterior of the property and a 360 view from the sky. We don’t stop there. Want to add music, sound effects, or narration? You got it. Let’s add in some points of interest to provide more information on the space, show close up photos, or even view videos. Our virtual tours are delivered in every format you’ll need: a HTML embed code, a branded and unbranded link, an easy to share social link, a chrome-less link for MLS, and even an embedly link. Our virtual tours are interactive, immersive, and easy. 


What is a Video?

Now that you understand what a virtual tour is, I really shouldn’t have to define a video. However, a video with Pablo Creative is much more than a series of boring images set to a slideshow. We capture the most important aspects of a property and create an engaging production that makes you want to see more. 

Which One Should I Use?

A question I get asked is “what would you recommend: a virtual tour or a video?” Well, that’s complicated because that’s like trying to decide between using only a fork or only a knife to eat a steak. If you choose only a fork, you have to really use some force or just stab the steak and eat it whole. What’s great about the fork though is you can also use it to eat the salad and all your delicious side dishes. If you choose just a knife, you can cut the steak easily; but, you may need to get your hands a little dirty while you hold the steak in place. Using the knife just makes your life so much easier. Although, using only a knife as your only eating utensil may not work out the best and take a little bit longer. I know, that’s a weird metaphor. My point is, a virtual tour and video go hand in hand with their own purposes. 

When you get a video from Pablo Creative, you're getting multiple edits for marketing on a variety of platforms. Of course, you’ll receive the full video to upload to YouTube, your website, and an unbranded version for MLS. You’ll also receive an edit under 60 seconds that we call a “highlight video." This version is perfect for Instagram since videos can only be under 60 seconds or less. Big on IGTV? We’ve got you covered. But wait, there’s more. We also make sure to throw in a 15-second teaser video designed for your Facebook and Instagram stories. If that’s not enough, you’ll get embed codes and your own personalized property website. With one of our videos, you're covered in every direction you can think of. Our real estate videos are your most versatile marketing tools. Think of a video as your fork.

A virtual tour from Pablo Creative has a slightly different purpose. You’ll have plenty of marketing material so you can put it on MLS, embed it on your website, share it on social, easily send it in messenger or by email, or direct buyers to your personalized property website. In spite of those capabilities, a virtual tour’s purpose is not specifically marketing. With a virtual tour, you can SELL someone on a home without them even physically being there. Virtual tours do something that photos and videos just can’t. A virtual tour is your knife. Not something you need at every meal, but sure as heck can make the difference.

So which one should you choose? If you have the budget, do both. You’ll reach more people, hit different demographics, and most importantly make your life easier. If you have a more restricting budget, choose the knife. You’ll be able to market your listing just fine with what we offer and make the sale. While you research your options for real estate virtual tour and video providers in your area, consider all the marketing material you are provided with. 

I hope this helped with the decision for your next real estate listing. Now, if you’re stuck on my metaphor thinking, “WHAT ABOUT THE PHOTOS!? WHAT UTESIL ARE THEY???” Come on people, we put our food on a plate. We’re not animals. 

Until next time, cheers! 

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