Product Photography

Pricing Guide

Standard Photo Pricing

1 Photo

$29.99per photo

2-7 Photos

$26.99per photo

8-14 Photos

$23.99per photo

15-24 Photos

$21.99per photo

25+ Photos

$19.99per photo

Included With Your Order

  • Unlimited Usage License Forever

  • Professional Basic Retouching

  • High Resolution Images (minimum size 3000px @ 300dpi)

  • Free Return Shipping On Most Orders

  • Free Reshoots With Shot Direction

What You Can Expect

  • 7-Business Day Turnaround

  • Angle and Lighting Matching

  • Meets All Amazon Image Requirements

  • Rush Turnaround Time Available


Flat Lay - Clothing

Included in flat lay clothing photography are two photos. We will photograph the front and back of your clothing items.

+ $10 per photo

Ghost Mannequin - Clothing

Ghost mannequin photos make your clothing photography stand out.

+ $10 per photo

Unique Products

Oversized Products

Products that are between 3 feet to 5 feet on their longest sides. Anything larger, contact us here.

+ $10 per photo

Jewelry Photography

To take the best jewelry photos, we need to use advanced lighting, re-touching, and focus stacking techniques to get the best photos. 

+ $10 per photo

Custom Product Photos

Lifestyle Photography Composite or Creative Project

We use a stock image of your choice and your product to composite a lifestyle photo. We will match the lighting and angle and apply re-touching to make your product fit the scene. We also can do an on location shoot with your product and a model.

Starting at $150 per photo


Give the specs, tell the story, and highlight your product even more with an infographic image. All you have to do is tell us why your product is awesome. 

Starting at $60 per photo

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